Bonjour le monde! First post! Inexplicably, I have been on a French, dry, white wine streak the past few months. This was a good Muscadet (moose-cah-day), which comes from the western Loire valley. It was crisp, refreshing and fit the warm, sunny weather we had last week.

Label study: higher quality Muscadet wines come from Sevre et Maine. Furthermore, “sur lie” is historically seen as another signal of quality. Finally, Mouzillon is a town of 2,400 people famous for wine (of course) and a biscuit called petit mouzillon. Both local fares are usually paired together when consumed.

I’d like to say I knew those facts pre-purchase, but I didn’t. The price was under $20 which is tough to find for a good French white, and I tried to branch out to another white French appellation.

Picture background: We had all these bunches of lavender from our wedding recently and a really cool butcher block (thank you wedding registry!) so I set up a still life photoshoot avec un oeuf bien sur!JDF_5119


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