Weekend Sparklers


We had a sparkling white from the Savoie (Sav-wah) region of France yesterday that was pretty tasty called Les Rocailles (Roh-kai). I never knew the mountainous regions of France produced wine until our visit to Annecy (a must visit in the region) last year. Seeing a Savoie wine caught my eye and it was reasonably priced at Specs so I threw it in the cart.

While Champagne is certainly the most well known sparkling wine in France, there are several other daily crèmants and sparkling wines worth getting into from around the country at a great value. Our Airbnb host in Bourgogne (Burgundy) said they are for the “every day celebrations,” since French folks have sparkling wines for aperitifs and desserts. Our thinking was, if the French are good with it, we can drink sparkling wine on the reg…so we do!

IMG_0765Label learnings: Back to Savoie. After having the wine yesterday, I looked up the region in my wine atlas. I didn’t know that the winemakers will add chardonnay to the blend to give the sparkling wine backbone to be able to make it the traditional way. I never heard of the Jacquère or Altesse grapes in this bottle. Jacquère is the predominant grape in this region. The idea is these grapes represent the alpine air and essence of the mountains. Seeing as it was 80 degrees and had a hint of the ocean in the air yesterday, I didn’t get that feeling! But the wine was refreshing and dry, proving a nice complement to the sunset on what was a fun, productive Saturday.


I will follow up with some memories of Annecy, grabbing wine and cheese and renting a paddle boat for a few hours to scarf them down with our friends. Here’s a sneak preview of the lake.


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