Beautiful Bourgogne Part 1

It was Burgundy/Bourgogne week in French Wine Scholar last Thursday so like Alsace it brought back memories of our stay there.

JDF_4858We stayed in Beaune (Bone) for two days and really this town would compete for a place where we would love to buy a flat some day. We drove in from Alsace via Dijon stopping for lunch, which was fun. We stopped here because Mrs. Oeuf had done a study abroad in Dijon and it was fun to see the “old stomping grounds.” We obviously had dijon mustard in Dijon eating in the square pictured above, but we found out almost all mustard is produced in Beaune!

Anyway, I was super excited to see this area because I read this book Shadows in the Vineyard about a plot to poison the world’s most expensive wine located in a town called Vosne Romanée, and became a bit obsessed about it. Can you imagine, in the entire world, this lot of a few acres produces the best wine? That’s simply incredible and we had to see it.

The Cote d’Or is as advertised. As you drive down D974 (preferred versus the highway in parallel) there’s a gently sloping hill to your right with vines coming all the way down and past the road. It was so serene and beautiful. Here is the Cote d’Or in pictures from Vougeot first to Vosne Romanée second (our main destinations).

Vougeot (where the Brotherhood of the Tastevins meets every year)


Vosne Romanée (home of Domaine Romanée Conti or DRC)

Next post will focus on Beaune, our drive in the Cote du Beaune and the amazing Burgundian tiled roof!


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