Well Read Wednesday: Hungry for Wine

I have been on a wine book reading kick for quite some time now and Cathy Huyghe’s “wine-oir” Hungry For Wine came up next on the stack. Maybe it was the 100 degree temperatures outside, but I was in the mood for a lighter summer read and this fit the bill perfectly.

Simply put this book is inspirational. It chronicles Cathy’s journey from wine fan to starting her own wine-centric businesses and ultimately traveling internationally in search of fascinating wine stories. Reading about the people who tend vineyards in Lebanon and Turkey was new and especially interesting to me.

I also enjoyed that her premise of drinking good wines now to celebrate the little things challenged me to think about those few wines we are saving. Not that we have some big cellar or anything, but we don’t often celebrate the fun dinner at a friend’s home on a random Saturday night. Then five years go by and we ask what happened to the time and maybe the wine has since peaked. Worth at least considering to open that bottle next time!

You can find it for sale on Amazon and enjoy while having a glass or two!


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