Five Reasons to Visit: Saint Florent

1. Location. Saint Florent was a nicer, smaller, more charming Bastia conveniently a 30min drive away from the major airport there. It’s a great base for a 3-4 day stay with easy access to seaport and airport.

Saint Florent Harbor

2. Plage Loto and Plage Saleccia. The only way you can access these beaches is by hiking through the Desert des Agriates or taking a quick boat ride. The only public boat departs from Saint Florent. These beaches are tranquil, picturesque, white sandy beaches barely touched. When we got there we were one of six people on Saleccia and had our own picnic there. It was perfect.

Plage Saleccia with no one on it
Plage Loto with a few more people

3. Patrimonio. Corsica has a handful of internationally acclaimed wine producers and overall the quality is on the rise. Patrimonio is the oldest and most well known AOC and Domaine Gentile (one of the best producers) is a 4 min drive from the main square.

From the Domaine looking out at the Patrimonio vineyards

4. San Michele de Murato Church. The architecture and history of this 13th century church alone is worth the drive. But it’s the peaceful setting with a stunning view of the golfe of Saint Florent and mountains all around that make this spot special. There was a little family run bistro right there we ate at just so we could take in the view longer. They were really nice and the charcuterie plate was awesome by the way.

Beautiful little church all by itself
View of the Golfe of Saint Florent in the distance

5. The people. Everyone was sweet and welcoming. We wanted to practice our French and they were all patient and encouraging. The folks at Demeure Loredana, Domaine Gentile, Domaine Orenga de Gaffory and all the restaurants make this town a must see.

Sunset from our balcony at the Demeure Loredana

2 thoughts on “Five Reasons to Visit: Saint Florent

  1. The photos are epic. I’m dying. DYING to go to Corsica. We spend time every year on the Cote d’Azur and I’m practically begging for a side trip to Corsice. Thank you. Just. Thank you!


  2. Thank you! You guys should go! We’ve only been to Antibes and Nice, but I think you’ll find Corsica to be a nice counterpoint. Comparing similar June visits, we found Corsica less built up, less crowded, more open space…but still beautiful beaches and great food. Ferries from Nice to Bastia are about 9hrs long, or you can hop a quick flight on Air France. Definitely doable!


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