Five Reasons to Visit: Bucket-List Worthy Bonifacio

Bonifacio is a world class setting. Here are five reasons and plenty of photos to show why you should put Bonifacio on your bucket list.

1. Haut ville and citadelle. An imposing citadel with a quaint, historic walled city inside set on the top of a peninsula and cliff. Plenty of great views of the grain du sable, yachts and Mediterranean, delicious restaurants and multitude of shops to pass the day.

Bonifacio Harbor with imposing Citadel looking over it
Walking up to Haut Ville
Right on the cliff edge






2. Îles Lavezzi. Another national park/perfect white sand beach only accessible by boat. The rock formations, unique flora, and short hike to the beach made it extra cool. Bonus was the boat ride to and from getting to see the dramatic coastline.



The clearest water
Corsica in the distance

3. Figari. A top AOC in Corsica with producers such as Clos Colonna and Clos Cannerelli among others. Set in the valley between two mountain ridges, it was a beautiful tucked away setting to taste some great wines.

Top Corsican producer: Clos Canarelli

4. Sartene. The most Corsican of Corsica’s towns. Perched on the edge of a cliff it was a secluded village with plenty of history to see and Corsican products to buy. Going here allows for a quick drive to hike to prehistoric megalith rock formations. Super cool to be able to touch and walk around something people created 6000yrs ago.

That’s Corsica in a nutshell. Yum!
Palaghju menhirs still standing over 4000 years old

5. The geology. Bonifacio is an aberration being on limestone with a mostly volcanic granite island. The cliffs alone are worthy of a visit, but add the eroded rocks of Îles Lavezzi, the wind blown rocks of Roccapina 90min away and it’s like you’re on another planet. Every turn unique and unspoiled.

Roccapina and the famous lion rock formation


Limestone for days
Wind eroded rock formations on Lavezzi

Again we would be remiss if we didn’t point out how welcoming the people of Bonifacio were. Our guidebook said Bonifacians were harder to open up due to the isolated location, but we disagree. The folks at L’an Faim, La Petite Culotte, L’Auberge du Corse and U Capu Biancu made our trip extra special.



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