Simply put, we are accidental Francophiles living in the Great state of Texas, and this is a blog about two Bostonians turned Houstonians and our love of French culture.

After driving around France two years ago on vacation, we fell in love with a country and language we both learned in school and found we had in common when we first met. We were bitten by the bug, and returned driving around different parts of France last year.

Now in year three of our journey, we continue to grow our love affair with la vie Francaise… reading books… eating nourriture… drinking vin. We want to document our experiences and share our passion with others–a lighthearted and fun point of view as we tie our love of France into our daily lives in Houston, Texas.

The name of the blog captures our view that life, like food, is always better saying yes please to a little something extra. Who says no to anything with an egg on it? Nobody does, that’s who. Especially when the word for egg in French is oeuf (pronounced “uhff”). It’s a cool word. Avec un oeuf indeed.




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